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IT Manager jailed for stealing half a million pounds from employer

Monday 10th February, 2020

An IT Manager has been jailed after he stole £564,480 from his employer by setting up a fake IT hardware supplier and processing 53 invoices to support a luxury lifestyle.

The trusted employee who worked for Legal and General Investment Management was sentenced at the Inner London Crown Court to three years and four months imprisonment. He used the money to purchase a Ford car, a Land Rover, house renovations and some jewellery worth £14,413.

Detective Constable Daniel Ward, City of London Police’s Fraud Squad, said: “Murrell betrayed the trust of his employer and exploited his position to steal more than half a million pounds. While he claimed he needed it for house renovations, it’s clear that he also used it to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, with purchases of items such as cars and jewellery."

The fraud was uncovered shortly after he’d been made redundant when staff identified a suspicious invoice from the IT reseller for computer cabling worth £9,600. It was discovered that this invoice was connected to a company called LillyPutts, which the IT reseller had added to their list of suppliers following his request.

The payments that got processed were made to his bank account, which he subsequently moved into two other accounts he owned, one of which was a joint account in his name and an alias name.