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European Commission publishes new eInvoicing code lists

Monday 9th March, 2020

The European Commission has made several updates to the code lists managed under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The European Commission supports public administrations that comply with Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement with the CEF eInvoicing Building Block.

The CEF eInvoicing Building Block serves as the managing authority for the VAT exemption reason code lit (VATEX) and Electronic Address Scheme (EAS) code lists in the European standard on eInvoicing (EN16931).

A new code of ICD 0194 has been added to the Electronic Address Scheme code list. All codes listed in the VATEX code list are now available in upper case.

For the full listing of the code lists as used in European standard, five items have been added:

• ISO 3166-1 → Country Codes → Added XK as temporary code for Kosovo
• ISO/IEC 6523 → Identifier scheme code → Added Identifier scheme name for code 0194
• UNTDID 4451 →Text subject qualifier → Added codes BAS and BAR
• UNTDID 4461 → Payment means → Added code 69
• CEF EAS → Electronic address scheme identifier → Added code 0194

A full list of updated codes lists can be accessed via the CEF Digital platform.

The European standard on eInvoicing makes it possible for sellers to send invoices to many customers by using a single eInvoicing format. This means they do not have to adjust their sending and/or receiving to connect with individual trading parties.