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Greensill to offer instant pay service to NHS workers for free

Thursday 19th March, 2020

Greensill a leading global provider of working capital is working with some of the biggest Trusts around the country (including Salford, Northumbria and a leading London Trust) and other NHS leaders to provide them for free with the latest payment technology to ease that burden. 

The firm has recognised that the technology it developed to change the way businesses are paid for the goods and services they offer can also be used to change the way workers are paid for the work they do. From that idea it has developed a new division called Earnd, which provides an app that allows anyone who signs up to it to get paid instantly for the work they have done as soon as they have done it.

Greensill is working with the NHS to ensure that nurses and the key NHS staff who are on the front line fighting the Coronavirus everyday will be able to use Earnd for free to get paid daily for the work they are doing and never again have to wait until the end of the month to get paid. That alone will save them thousands of pounds in interest and fees for loans they are forced to take out to make ends meet.

This product was developed with the British healthcare sector in mind, and nurses in particular.  Nurses are among the most vital workers in this country, but they are also amongst the financially most vulnerable. As a group they are one of the biggest users of short-term high interest loans between pay days. 

The frontline in fighting this pandemic are the cleaners, nurses and porters with every nurse and these vital workers in the UK working extra shifts and all the hours there are to work, including cover for sick colleagues, it is even more vital that the burden of fees and interest is removed to allow them to simply access the pay they have earned when they have earned it.