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Blackline unveils quick-deployment remote audit package

Monday 4th May, 2020

BlackLine has unveiled a remote audit solution and services package that can be quickly deployed to help customers prepare for remote audits, ensuring accuracy and integrity in the numbers, as well as security around internal financial controls. The company is offering BlackLine Remote Audit on a complimentary basis to a limited number of qualified customers that sign on by 1st June.

The process of auditing a company’s financials to ensure that all information is accurate and complete, that the company’s controls are adequate and effective, and that the company is adhering to policies, procedures and regulations has long been an onsite task. In today’s current state, most organisations and auditors will have to perform these processes from a remote location, creating challenges in obtaining the necessary information and supporting documentation that auditors may require for sign-off.

Remote Audit is a repeatable, packaged process complete with all the knowledge and leading practices needed around conducting an audit remotely including templated PBC (Prepared By Client) lists; close, certification and IT checklists; ask tracking; ready-to-go report templates; audit notes for internal and external auditors; pre-configured status dashboards; approval flows; policies and procedures; and more. 

“Hundreds of leading companies have been using BlackLine for years to manage the audit process, and many have given their auditors direct access to the system all along,” Marc Huffman, BlackLine’s president and chief operating officer, said. “We’ve now packaged this functionality with a guided process, best practices that we’ve acquired working with market-leading companies for nearly 20 years, and a services offering to boost customer confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the numbers they’re providing the auditors, and if necessary, enabling them to ensure a successful audit process from home.”

With unprecedented uncertainty facing many organisations today, it’s more challenging than ever for F&A to deliver an accurate picture of a company’s financial health. With F&A now also tasked with adjusting to a distributed workforce, Remote Audit can help by guiding teams to achieve a collaborative and successful audit from wherever they’re working, without sacrificing productivity.