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Blue Prism provides Digital Workers to NHS Trusts

Wednesday 27th May, 2020

Blue Prism has announced its Cloud SaaS-based intelligent automation platform is enabling a fast-growing number of NHS Trusts to swiftly adapt to unprecedented operational demand. The injection of AI-powered Digital Workers into the NHS resource pool allows a wide range of activities to be automated across functions in order to release more time to care for frontline NHS staff.

Over recent weeks, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, North East London Commissioning Support Unit, Great Western Hospitals and Leeds Teaching Hospitals have adopted the Blue Prism Cloud platform. Not only will this assist in fighting the crisis but importantly provide the foundation for delivering sustainable long-term transformation that accelerates delivery of better patient outcomes.

“Mike Ogonovsky, Assistant Director of Informatics at Aneurin Bevan Health Board, said, “The manual transfer of data between the systems used to manage the patient journey through primary care, ambulance service, secondary care and back into community care brings with it the risk of error and delay. It also takes valuable time out of the day for highly trained staff who should be focused on caring for patients. We see an opportunity to overcome this challenge using Blue Prism Cloud’s Digital Workforce and are taking the first steps to re-shape our processes so that we can continue to move the bar for quality of patient care ever higher.”

The Trusts join a community of healthcare organisations who are sharing their tried and tested automations using a dedicated Blue Prism Cloud NHS Digital Exchange that allows NHS teams to further accelerate the deployment of new automations.

A library of pre-built automation assets that cover more than 40 processes tackling enhanced access to services, and patient communication from admissions through to outpatient support are being made available. Automations enabling key back office support for recruitment, HR onboarding, and finance processing are also on hand through the NHS DX.

More than 50 Trusts across the UK have recruited Blue Prism Digital Workers to help drive sustainable transformation over the past four years. Through Blue Prism’s COVID-19 Response Program, the company has leveraged its wealth of knowledge in this sector together with the flexibility of the Blue Prism Cloud platform to put Digital Workers into production at speed in the fight against COVID-19.