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Iron Mountain and SAP join forces to help SMEs protect custom-built software

Wednesday 3rd October, 2012

Iron Mountain and SAP have announced a strategic partnership to help companies protect their custom-built software. Under the new partnership, SAP Business One Group will refer its software solution partners to Iron Mountain for software escrow services for the add-on solutions they create for end-users.

Patrick Keddy, SVP for Western Europe at Iron Mountain explained: “Software escrow is a legal agreement between the developer, the licensee and a third party, who holds the software source code. It reduces the licensee’s exposure to risk, helping to protect what is often a significant investment in business-critical software and technology,”

He added: “Under the terms of an Iron Mountain software escrow account, the developer’s software source code is deposited at one of our secure facilities. The agreement protects the customer against the risk of the software developer going out of business or failing to support or maintain the application. Offering escrow helps the software developer build customer confidence, while maintaining access to the source code for future updates.”

The SAP Business One application has been created specifically for small and medium-size businesses. It enables them to integrate all core business functions across a company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory and operations. Approximately 350 add-on solutions have been built onto the SAP Business One application by SAP’s software solution partners. With these add-on solutions, customers can tailor SAP Business One Group to meet their specific business and industry challenges.

“With the escrow protection from Iron Mountain, SAP Business One customers can rest assured that their add-on software solutions are protected,” said Patrick Carpreau, Senior SSP Manager for SAP EMEA and India. “It enables us to put our SAP Business One Group customers at ease and build their confidence. We will be offering escrow protection upfront to all customers as a value-added service when they want software solution partners to create customised Group Business One applications.”