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EInvoicing & Automation

e-Invoicing is Good. Smart Invoicing is Better

By James Tucker, Global Director of Marketing, Financial Solutions, Ariba Inc.

In recent decades, companies have devoted significant time and resources to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their accounts payable (AP) organisation. And in the current economic environment where cash is king and companies are looking for any and all ways to free up and maximise it, many are stepping up their efforts. But what do they need to succeed?

AP Automation - Building a Business Case

Relevant stakeholders – Projects with broad-based support are more likely to be approved than those that lack it. No matter where the AP function sits organisationally (i.e. part of shared services or part of the finance department), the ultimate success of an ePayables project will depend on support from relevant stakeholders. This may include procurement, finance/treasury, IT, line of business and last but certainly not least suppliers.