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EInvoicing & Automation

Predicting the Future of AP Automation

Guest article by Dermot McCauley, VP BPM & Case Management, Kofax - a Lexmark Company

A modern financial system is the foundation for automation. Complete accounts payable automation solutions are a relatively new product category for financial operations professionals. Advanced technologies such as mobile, social networking, and intelligent dashboards are very slowly being integrated into offerings and adopted by enterprises.

E-invoicing – What's your boiling point?

For some time I’ve argued that what you call something doesn’t necessarily matter – it’s whether you get out of it what you expect, and what you need that’s important. Take making a cup of tea for example – I can put a pan on the hob and wait for the water to boil, or I can flick a switch on a kettle. Both processes are boiling water – one is just e-boiling... which process I follow depends on time, resources and a large helping of common sense.

It's not what you call something that matters

In the days before the internet, AP departments dealt solely with paper and all transactions were manual – right? Well, not quite. In those days the new kid on the block was EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which for the most part relied on VANs (Value Added Networks) to transmit data – such as purchase orders and invoices – between suppliers.