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EInvoicing & Automation

E-invoicing – What's your boiling point?

For some time I’ve argued that what you call something doesn’t necessarily matter – it’s whether you get out of it what you expect, and what you need that’s important. Take making a cup of tea for example – I can put a pan on the hob and wait for the water to boil, or I can flick a switch on a kettle. Both processes are boiling water – one is just e-boiling... which process I follow depends on time, resources and a large helping of common sense.

It's not what you call something that matters

In the days before the internet, AP departments dealt solely with paper and all transactions were manual – right? Well, not quite. In those days the new kid on the block was EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which for the most part relied on VANs (Value Added Networks) to transmit data – such as purchase orders and invoices – between suppliers.

Seven Habits of Successful P2P Programs

Over the last few years there’s been a shift towards creating a centralised P2P function, connecting AR, AP and Procurement in a way which would have been unthinkable until relatively recently. It’s a journey which has had mixed results along the way.

e-Invoicing is Good. Smart Invoicing is Better

By James Tucker, Global Director of Marketing, Financial Solutions, Ariba Inc.

In recent decades, companies have devoted significant time and resources to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their accounts payable (AP) organisation. And in the current economic environment where cash is king and companies are looking for any and all ways to free up and maximise it, many are stepping up their efforts. But what do they need to succeed?