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Leverage Value by Bridging the Digital Gap

Mercateo wp final 1 coverIndirect spend is often thought of as the poor relation in the procurement family. Spend can be low, administration costs high, and rarely do purchases in this category contribute directly to the business output.

For a long time, it has been considered to be too disjointed and the spend too insignificant for it to be an area of specific focus, beyond a few of the larger categories. But as the drive for improved sourcing rigour intensifies, organisations are beginning to pay closer attention to their suppliers in this area.

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From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence

YoozUK Whitepaper Artificial intelligence cover cAs finance leaders, you might ask yourselves, how new technologies impact finance functions? What transformations can be predicted? How will it shape tomorrow’s finance department? How can it improve our finance department's efficiency? And is it within our reach?

This whitepaper aims to explain clearly how Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, apply to financial and accounting processes and how it can be applicable to your daily operations. You will also find out that contrary to common belief, these technologies can be accessible for all.

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Procure to Pay - Best Practice Assessment

Best Practice Assessment US 2019 04 1Adopting best practices across people, processes and data is essential for efficient end-to-end P2P processing.

Regularly assessing your adoption of industry best practices should be part of your continuous improvement program. Any areas that fall below your minimum acceptance level are introducing risk and should become
part of your development plan.

This self-assessment framework allows you to analyze your AP/P2P operation across 5 categories, to determine how well it is functioning, using a contemporary framework.

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Indirect purchasing in focus: between savings potential and future opportunities

Mercateo Study coverThis study is devoted to an analysis of the purchasing processes that are used by German companies to meet their indirect demand, in order to precisely identify the most important cost drivers and qualitative parameters, down to the individual process steps.

A quantitative study was conducted, in which 110 companies were asked to provide key performance indicators relating to indirect purchasing as well as information about the processes used in their company.

The analysis shows that, although a uniform purchasing process without digitisation increases the quality of the process, it also leads to higher process costs as a result of its formalisation. Only a digital process significantly reduces costs while simultaneously increasing process quality. The strongest effects are felt by the requisitioner and the purchasing department.

Download the report in full here.