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E-Invoicing compliance and the great electronic signature fallacy

Whitepaper e signatures fallacy cover 350This whitepaper outlines the legal situation for e-invoicing and looks at how some players within the industry are actually hampering the adoption of e-invoicing through the creation of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). It will examine the relevant EU Directives and consider how perceived ambiguity within the legislation is freeing those with vested interests in the use of electronic signatures to restrict the choices organisations make when implementing e-invoicing and are as a result limiting the potential growth of the e-invoicing industry as a whole.

Find out more and download the report in full here.

Supplier Master Data Governance

A Hicx Solutions Overview: Part 1

SIM White Paper cover3A screen door on a submarine is illogical – and so is any Supplier Information Management (SIM) program without Master Data Governance. Supplier Data Governance is critical for organisations to ensure the quality of their supplier data and realise the maximum value from their programs.

The goal of any S-MDM or SIM program is to gather, maintain, govern, and disseminate supplier information regardless of source or system. Sounds simple, but there are a lot of moving parts as it relates to supplier information.

Find out more and download the report in full here.

Connected Travel and Expense Management

How Companies of All Sizes Can Make Spend Visible

connected travel expense management whitepaper coverThis research shows that employees are equally likely to book travel independently online as they are to use a corporate travel booking tool. As most expenses are incurred during business trips, that means the finance team are often only able to get a clear picture of travel and expenses spend after expenses are submitted. Perhaps that’s why 81% of UK finance leaders in a recent survey said they don’t have complete visibility over their company spend.

How can finance stay in control of the travel and expenses budget and get visibility into this spend upfront? This whitepaper explores why and how progressive finance leaders in companies of all sizes are connecting their travel and expenses processes.

Download the report in full here.

2018 Spend Management Benchmark Report

CoupaBenchmark cover 2018In a world where margins are tighter than ever, operational and brand risk is high, and employee satisfaction is a necessity for talent retention,
it’s vital to measure the success of your Business Spend Management processes. How do you stack up?

This report focuses on 12 crucial KPIs for Business Spend Management success. It leverages anonymous data from Coupa’s Leaders’ Index – data
compiled by Coupa Community Intelligence from top customers in each respective KPI.

Download the report in full here.